They’re creep, they crawl, they multiply: having pests in your home is not a pleasant experience; and they should be taken care of as soon as they are found. If you are wondering how to tell if you may have pests in your home, here are the Top 10 Most Common Signs of Pest Infestations from a company for pest control in NJ:

  1. Droppings

Coming across droppings is one of the first signs that there could be pests in your home. Because most pests hide throughout the day and only emerge to find food, it is hard to know for sure if you do have an infestation. Pest droppings are typically small and can be hard to see; however, most droppings can be found under or behind furniture, appliances or in hidden locations.

  1. Nests

Finding nests or nesting materials indoors is a definite sign of a pest problem. All pests need to seek shelter, and will do so in any way possible if they choose to do so in your home. Pests will go so far as to create nests in cabinets, in small nooks and crannies and in walls. They will make nests out of any materials they can find, including insulation, paper, carpets, pieces of furniture and other materials that are commonly found in houses. If you notice a nest or see shredded up paper or other materials on the ground, that is a sign that there are pests in your home.

  1. Noises

If you start hearing things in your home, you may not be going crazy – it could be a pest hiding somewhere in your walls or running across from one location to the other. The most common signs you will hear if you have pests inside of your home include pattering, scurrying, scratching, buzzing or squeaking. Trained professionals from pest control companies can help you decipher the sounds and find the source the sounds are coming from.

  1. Gnawed or Damaged Wood

Damaged surfaces, most commonly wood, can be a tell-tale sign that there are some sort of pests in your home. The most common type of wood-damaging pests include termites, which can cause severe structural damage if left unattended for too long. Typically rats or mice may also gnaw at wood and other surfaces if they are in your home.

  1. Entry Points Created

Pests have to get in somehow, so if you find a hole in the floor, wall or ceiling, be on the search for unwanted creatures in your home. For there to be an infestation, pests will not just fly or climb through an open window or door. There has to be another way they are getting in. If you do realize there is an infestation, you should have someone inspect your home that can search for the entry point of pests so that it can be closed off, preventing future pest problems.

  1. Dried Blood

Dried blood is a specific sign of a certain type of pest: bed bugs. No one ever wants to believe they have bed bugs, but in actuality, no matter how clean your home is, there is always a possibility that bed bugs somehow get into the rooms in your home. Bed bugs only emerge from under mattresses, furniture or walls late during the night, making it almost impossible to catch them during their feeding time. If you wake up with red bumps and discover dried blood on your sheets, that is a definite sign that there are bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs cannot be removed with home remedies; rather, they require a pest removal specialist that will ensure they never come back.

  1. Damaged Food Packaging

If you have children or someone in your family that struggles with properly opening up packaged food, do not immediately assume you have pests; however, if you find that damaged food packaging is uncharacteristic in your home, this could be a sign of a pest problem. If pests are in your home, they will be searching for food sources, and what better place to start than the kitchen, where you store all of your food. Be wary of this, and keep an eye out for these pesky critters.

  1. Strange Smells

Most pests have a distinctive smell, so an odd odor suddenly appearing in your home is nothing to ignore. If the odor disappears within a few hours, it may be nothing to worry about; however, if it is a persistent odor, definitely investigate it with the help of a pest control company or pest removal expert.

  1. Dead Bugs

Another sign of pest infestation is discovering dead bugs in certain locations in your home. If there are multiple dead bugs on the ground, it is not always a sign of infestation, but it is definitely a red flag. Check the surrounding area and see if there are any other signs of an infestation.

  1. Seeing Pests

The most obvious sign that you have a pest infestation is actually seeing the pests. One thing to keep in mind is that it is inevitable that in some way, bugs and other creatures can find their way inside of a home; however, seeing bugs or creatures more than once or in multiples is a definite red flag that there is a possible infestation forming or one that has already formed.

There are many pests in the world, and these are just some of the signs that you may have an infestation in your home. If you find that you have any of these issues, be sure to contact a pest control company as soon as possible.