We often wonder which animals present the biggest threat to human beings and naturally presume that those are the animals that have the sharpest teeth, frightening looks and massive size. However, this sometimes may not be the case because even the smallest animals such as spiders may pose a threat to humans. Nevertheless, counting solely on their hunting nature we will present the following animals:

1. When thinking of ugly, frightening and dangerous, most people will have snakes cross their minds. This association is true to life, because venomous snakes indeed are quite dangerous. The most dangerous one is, of course, the rattlesnake. Their natural preys are animals but their neurotoxic or hemotoxic venom is extremely dangerous for humans since it may lead to respiratory paralysis. These snakes can be found in Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.


2. Alligators mostly hunt fish, snails and worms but are also listed here because of several cases in which they attacked humans. Their habitats are Florida,Mississippi,Alabama,Louisiana and parts of Texas,Oklahoma,Arkansas, North and South Carolina, and Georgia. They are good at camouflaging in water so you might often mistake them for something else so be extremely careful when messing around their territory.


3. Next to alligators, we can also mention crocodiles, but their habitat in the US is mainly Florida. They primarily hunt in water and are fast in swimming which makes them hunt their prey, such as birds and fish, without them even noticing it.


4. When we think of bears that are aggressive, we can mention the black and the brown bear. Black bears are known to live in 41 states in the US and the brown ones are mainly found in Alaska and the Rocky Mountains. Both of these are aggressive types but the brown bears, especially Kodiaks and grizzlies, are extremely dangerous. Their aggressive confrontation with humans includes growling and their bite is very strong and harmful.


5. Coyotes, which can mainly be found in the Southwest, should also not be left out of this list. They are highly adjustable animals so you can find them living anywhere from plains and forests, to deserts and cold snowy regions. These animals are highly likely to attack since their diet consists of mammals and nothing else.


6. Spiders. Venomous spiders, such as the brown recluse spider and the black widow, are considered highly dangerous and they certainly should be avoided as much as possible. But how do we avoid such a small animal since it is likely we can find them in our own home. These animals are even more dangerous because of their tiny size since most people would notice a bear near them right away, but would not be able to notice a brown recluse crawling up their clothes. The best thing we can do is to try to avoid disturbing their habitat and clean our home regularly so that it does not turn into theirs.

The Brown recluse spider is quite dangerous since its painful bite can cause severe necrosis and leave serious damage to a person’s skin. The black widow’s venomous bite can even cause death when it comes to children, the elderly and people with a poor immune system. These creatures can be found anywhere: under wood piles, sheds, attics, closets etc.


7. The North American Puma mostly inhabits the western United States and certainly deserves a position in this list because of its many reported attacks to human beings. They hunt by using their strong and sharp claws and teeth and can inflict serious injuries if they sense that they are in danger.

We may think that we will probably never encounter some of these species, but we can never be quite sure of this and therefore it is highly useful to check the characteristics of these wild animals and take extra precautions when we find ourselves somewhere in the wilderness, roaming about their territory.