10 Most Popular New Years Resolutions


New Years Resolution


Coming up with the right new years resolution can be tough, that’s why we’ve came up with this list to help you find one that suits you. This lists the 10 most popular new years resolutions.



1. Spend more Time with Family and Friends.

The best things in life are sometimes shared, so why not spend more time with your loved ones? This is just one of those classics that everyone should be a part of.


2. Get Fit and Healthier

Health is important, more so than materialistic goods. Make this year’s resolution to get fit or healthier and you won’t regret it!


3. Quit Smoking

This is really a health resolution, but it’s so common that we thought it deserved a bullet of it’s own. Smoking can make up a big part of your life, mainly because it often becomes a habit, and we all know habits are hard to get rid of. Make this years resolution to quit smoking, because trust me, it will be one of those habits your glad you’ve gotten rid of.


4. Make The Most Out of Your Life

Yup, make them out of your life, it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Whether it’s to get healthier or to spend more time with family and friends, this point essentially sums up all the most common new year resolutions out there. It gives you the opportunity to be creative and make an resolution that works for you.


5. Quit Drinking

There’s nothing wrong with drinking. In fact it’s awesome at parties and for socielizing, but too much drinking can be a bad thing, why not put down that beer and pick up a small glass of wine instead?


6. Reduce or Get Out of Debt

This is a great way to secure your future finances and relieve stress, although at first it may seem counter intuitive.


7. Learn a New Skill

Learn how to play guitar, or how to cook! It’s fun, and you get a great feeling of fulfillment.


8. Help Out Others

One of the best ways to spread the holiday cheer. You’d be surprised how much of an impact your actions can create on someone elses lives. Sometimes a small advice, or a helping hand can come a long way!


9. Make Plans and Get Organized

Work can be troublesome and busy, one way of reducing the everyday work is to simply be more organized and make plans. Start small and see how it goes.


10. Make Your Own Resolution!

Now, with all these ideas, why not coming up with your own resolution? Not all of the above 9 resolutions will apply to you, but hopefully it will give you a spur of inspiration to work from.


Good luck with your New Years Resolutions and happy holidays from everyone here at CoolTopLists.com!

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