10 Best Countries to Visit


Best Countries to Visit


What better way to relax and enjoy the holidays than going on a vacation to a foreign land? Whether because you love to travel or simply want to get away from the everyday hassle, going on an vacation is a great way to simply have fun and enjoy some quality time.  we’ve made this list of the best countries to visit to help you find your destination. Feel free to recommend a favorite country of yours!


1. Spain

Spain is the world’s best countries to visit. Many of the more popular spots are islands, some of the more popular locations includes the Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, and the Canary Islands.  If the beaches is your thing, consider visiting Catalonia and Costa de la Luz.


2. France

The second countries to visit is France. Popular vacation destinations includes the beaches of lle de Re and Corsica. If you enjoy a nice bike ride or walks, consider visiting the Monet’s Garden in Giverny. If winter sports is your thing, take a look at the French Alps, they’re great places to take the family skiing. Lastly but not least, Paris offers the classic city life your craving for.


3. Great Britain

There are many great travel destinations in the UK, this includes many islands – big and small. Examples includes the Scilly Ilands, Lundy Island and the Isle of Wight.


4. Greece

Greece is a simple place to travel to. Everything from tourist spots to the foods, much of the Greece culture is beautifully traditional and simple.


5. Italy

Ah, Italy. A great place to visit the ancient cities of Rome and Venice. Umbria also have plenty of traditional market towns, vineyards and wineries. All in all, Italy is a great place to enjoy the historical side of Europe that we’ve so conveniently forgotten. But don’t forget, the long (500 miles) of beach running across Puglia is great for beach lovers too.


6. USA

America is a great place for it’s modern city life. From Las Vegas to Miami to the California beaches, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy.


7. Turkey

With some of the most popular beaches in the world, Turkey is one of the smaller, yet vastly popular Europe vacation destinations.


8. Egypt

What better way to relax than to cruise down one of the world’s longest rivers, via the Nile Cruise? Floating in luxurious yachts with whine in hand, enjoying the ancient Egyptian temples and pyramids is a view you can’t miss.


9. Croatia

One of the favorite countries to visit for it’s vast array of tourist spots as well as the great value you can get these vacation packages for. Some of the key features of Croatia includes it’s popular coastline resorts as well as the many islands off of it’s coast.


10. Thailand

One of the best countries to visit to go to on a budget. For the energetic Bangkok to the quiet and relaxing Islands off of it’s coast, there’s something everyone will enjoy, especially the price.

This concludes the 10 best countries to visit. If you’ve got a great vacation spot feel free to share with us!

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