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A recent study conducted by AT&T reported that over 70% of small business owners surveyed believed they either couldn’t survive, or it would be almost impossible to be successful, without mobile computing applications. These almost 2500 business owners indicated that time saving, increased productivity, and cost-saving activity were the most important considerations mobile apps brought to the table when it came to their operations. Studies by the Small Business Economic Council support these findings, adding higher quality customer service as well.

The AT&T study’s participants indicated the top apps they used for their businesses included GPS, social media, document editing and organization, services that allow finding a particular location, time and scheduling management, travel and expense tracking, and off-site credit card acceptance as their top needs from mobile applications. The top five apps chosen from lists by editors and bloggers from PCWorld, TechRadar, Forbes, Business Insider, Inc. and users at Google Play and iPhone/iPad app store are compiled here.


Top 5 iPhone Apps (Most of these are also available for iPad.)

1. Evernote

Popular on both iPhone and Android platforms, Evernote provides a way to easily keep track of ideas and notes, both typed and voice, across all the gadgets you use. You can add photos, record voice reminders, create to do lists, and have them all easily accessible wherever you go.

2. Quickbooks App or Quickbooks Online

The most popular money and small business finance management program also has versions that operate on your mobile device, or which can be accessed through the internet. Keep track of accounts receivable and payable, track projects and create invoices, access and balance bank accounts, and more, all on the fly.

3. Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite

Most businesses use Microsoft Office for daily operations. QuickOffice allows employees to create, edit, and share Office documents even when away from their computers.

4. ClockIn

Allows for easy tracking of time the user has worked. Good for billing project hours for freelancers or lawyers, etc.

5. CamCard

The simplest, most effective way of sharing and organizing business cards with a few easy steps.


Top 5 Android Apps

1. Documents to Go

Like QuickOffice for iPhone, Documents to Go allows Android phones and tablets to open, read, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents.

2. Google Drive

The Google Drive app allows users to store multiple files in a single place, so they can be easily opened from anywhere, and access can be granted to others while still protecting sensitive files. Can be used for documents, photos, and videos.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is another cloud storing service where you can upload videos, photos, and documents to the software, and any changes you have made or new files will be automatically updated on all computers and machines with the software installed.

4. Evernote

The same information, photo, and note program available for the iPhone.

5. TripIt

Considered one of the best apps for organizing and sharing travel plans such as airline and hotel reservations, directions, and scheduling reminders. TripIt allows you to enter your trip information to be stored remotely and made available to you from anywhere.

These are only a small sample of apps available on the market that are targeted to the business community. From bookkeeping to email, time management to location based services, modern companies and their employees have come to rely more and more on mobile apps to survive and thrive in a hyper-competitive, tech-based market. Inc. even goes so far as to wonder in its article about mobile business computing, “Could you survive without mobile apps?”

When the Internet first became part of the business scene, gaining access to information meant being tethered to a desk and a large computer, limiting mobility and flexibility, effecting effective time management and productivity. Mobile computing, especially with the newest, smallest wave of devices on the most powerful international networks, is like a wish-granting genie you carry with you in your pocket – whatever information needed is instantly at your fingertips. Companies with the appropriate resources can even design their own apps to address their needs, ultimately saving even more time, money, and resources.

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