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Top 5 Web Conferencing Solutions

Five Best Web Conferencing Solutions

Web Conferencing has been growing exponentially over the last five years and is expected to keep on growing over the next five. With so many vendors flooding the market with new solutions, companies looking to adopt the technology often have a hard time choosing among so many options. Here are five great suggestions:


  1. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is Citrix’s web conferencing solution. It offers a wide degree of functionalities and personalization while being intuitive and never overwhelming the user. Focusing on online collaboration, GoToMeeting allows its users to talk face to face using their web cams while at the same time they are editing documents and working together. The interface is clean and easy to use and it’s simple to set up meetings and invite the other attendants in advance. It’s very easy to install and it runs on most systems.

  1. WebEx

WebEx is a very well known web conferencing solution developed by Cisco. It offers many functionalities (among them screen sharing and whiteboard) which at a first glace might seem a little bit overwhelming for those who might be looking for an easy to use solution, though it will appeal to those who might be looking for a more complex tool. WebEx offers several subscription packages and a single license allows for unlimited meetings up to 25 attendants.

  1. GoMeetNow

GoMeetNow is a high quality and very powerful web conferencing solution that allows its users to deploy two types of meetings: Interactive and Webinar. The first allows different users to talk and interact with each other, while the second allows the main user to make a presentation while the remaining users view it, making it perfect for training. The interface is very easy to use and it fully integrates with Outlook for scheduling and setting up meetings. GoMeetNow is a very balanced solution, it offers great online collaboration and presentation tools. It works perfectly well in all the major operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.

  1. Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meeting is a good for those looking forward to collaborate over a virtual environment. The solution allows for participants to share their desktops with each other and work together on their documents. The solution runs its meetings over the service provider web portal, which might put off those with higher security concerns over their web meetings. Still, Fuze Meeting is a good tool, great for real time collaboration, less great for those looking for solutions with webinar capabilities.

  1. MegaMeeting

MegaMeeting is a good and reliable tool for online collaboration. While not always so intuitive, MegaMeeting offers several functionalities for online collaboration and has integrated VoIP. It is easy to install and it integrates very well with Outlook though inviting attendees and changing their rights might, at times, be tricky. Nevertheless it is a good and reliable solution.

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